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There are two reasons why I started this site. The first is to learn as much as I can about generating passive income, and the second is to share what I learn with you. 

We all desire to leave the 9 to 5 grind and free up our time to explore what life has to offer. Through proven, ethical techniques, I will build out passive income website and then help you learn to do the same.

Making passive income will give you the means to do more with your life. Many techniques can start as a ‘side hustle’ while you continue working and then grow into full-time income.

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It All Starts With a Website

Before you can start making money online you need a website. To help you out, I have recorded a video on how to set up your own WordPress web hosting account so you can start building your new website, or you can work with me to get your first site set up.


If you’re the DIY type of person, watch the video below to get your first web hosting account set up for your first WordPress website.

Help me set up WordPress

Let me walk you through setting up your first site, from domain registration to WordPress install.

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