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I was curious to find out what a starter website from Flippa would look like, so I purchased one. The site topic was  about Organic Gardening and the site is:


Organic Gardening

I paid  a whole $32 USD for this website.  The worst I can do is be out the equivalent to a meal out.  Here’s what it came with:

  • Domain name
  • Prebuilt WordPress site
  • 10 pre-written posts about Organic Gardening
  • Plugins to easily update Ad affiliate links
  • Amazon Affiliate tools to list and link out to products

At the moment I have simply updated the affiliate links to be mine, and published the site as purchased. 

My Plans for the Site

  1. Rewrite Posts: Although the site came with content, it needs some clean up. By adding headings and rewriting some sections I should be able to improve my search engine ranking for my main keywords.
  2. Write More Content: With an interest in gardening myself it will be fun to do some keyword research and write more articles for the site. 
  3. Guest Posts: I’ll be reaching out to various bloggers and industry related retailers to contribute to the site. This will be the main source of income for this site. I may start by offering free guests posts in exchange for a link back to help build up SEO, and then transition to paid posts.
  4. Amazon Affiliate Links: The content of this site bodes well for allowing links out to products. The site came with a page dedicated to organic gardening products that prepopulates Amazon affiliate links to related products.
  5. Sell the Site on Flippa: This will be a Flip or Flop site. Purchased as a starter site on Flippa, I’ll use it as a learning experience to build up site traffic and income to resell back on the platform.


This site is not a priority at the moment. I’ll let it age and as I have time I’ll begin to build it up. Every resource adds another stream of income. 

Let me know if you’ve ever purchased a website on Flippa and if you were able to improve on it or Flip it for a profit. 


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