January 2022 Income Report

Welcome to my first ever Monthly income report!

To be honest there isn’t a lot of income to report as I’m just getting started, but a lot has happened in January. It is the first month where I have dedicated time every week towards my income projects. So let’s review the projects I have on the go.


I will review 3 of these sites and ignore my Organic Gardening site as all I did with that site is review it and pondered what I wanted to do with it. So far I decided I’ll leave it for now.

January 2022 Income

Drum roll please… 

Making $1 on the internet is better the $0. The only revenue I made this month was through Amazon Affiliate income from bestfacemasks.ca.


Amazon Affiliate Income


As you can see from the Amazon Affiliate income report above, most of my earnings came at the beginning of January. I assume there was some residual traffic from the Christmas crowds that found their way to my site. 

About mid January I released my first new list post on this site. It was my first post in over a year. I then added a couple other posts at the end of the month. You can see the clicks in Amazon go up about a week after my first post.

With each post, I also create a Pinterest pin with a link to the post. A lot of people search face masks on Pinterest so I’m hoping to drive some traffic through that source.

January 2022 Income Report 5

I decided to focus most of my time and effort in January on this site because it was the only one with organic traffic and generating income.

What's next for this site

My goal is to create one post every couple weeks on this site. I don’t see it as a big income generator for me at this time as the pandemic is slowing down. I will probably end up selling this site on Flippa at some point. 


I have a renewed focus to keep this website up-to-date with everything I learn so that I can help others do the same.

In January I published a couple new blog posts on this site. The first was  a post titled ‘Passive Income Generated so Far’ and was just a general overview of what I had done online up to this point, which really wasn’t much. The second was a post explaining how Side Hustles are always Passive Income generators, and what the difference is between them.

What's next for this site

At the start of the year I spent some time thinking about who this site is for and what value I can provide for them. I realized my target audience were people just like me. My audience are you folk who are chasing freedom from the time restraints, looking for a way to generate income on their own time, and most importantly, passively. I’m targeting those people who have heard that they can make money online, but don’t know where to start or have the skills to build anything.

So my focus is to show people how simple it can be to start a blog or website that can help them generate passive income. Yes, just building something doesn’t mean it will generate traffic and income, but if done properly and marketed well, you can start earning income.

I plan on posting about once or twice a week on this site. The majority of the posts will be tutorial like posts, teaching you how to do what I’m doing, and the others will be summarizing my progress. 


This is the site I am most excited about. One of my goals for this year was to set up a drop shipping site. I did a bit of research online and figured out that using Shopify and Oberlo was one of the best and easiest ways to get started creating a drop shipping website, so I dove in and started yazzyfit.com

What you see on the site has only taken me a couple hours to build, and I’ll be releasing a new blog post shortly with the details on how easy this was to set up. I’m lucky to have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription and found some great stock photos on Adobe.

I have a passion for health and fitness so I chose that niche, did a bit of keyword research and started writing content.  I was excited to get started so I didn’t outline a content strategy, so I will be spending some time here at the beginning of February putting a game plan together for this site.

Oberlo was quite easy to set up and it links directly to AliExpress to find and add products to your store.

What's next for this site

Lots. I will be focusing most of my efforts on this site in February. It might be ambitious but I’m aiming to get to posting 3 new posts a week and adding new products to the catalog each week as well. 

In February I’m also going to be setting up social channels for this site including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. 

Stay tuned for my post on how to set up a drop shipping website with Shopify and Oberlo.


To summarize what’s next for me, I’ll basically just be creating new content for each site. Creating social channels for both this site and Yazzyfit.com will also be a priority. 

In my next income report I will also include website traffic numbers. SEO is important and I always try and optimize my content to get found on Google. Watch for an upcoming post on the basics of SEO and getting found online.


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