My First Income Site:

Well, I did it. I jumped on a trending topic and started building an affiliate and content website.

COVID-19 is a virus that just isn’t going away. In Canada and the US, provinces and states, as well as some retailers, are beginning to make face masks mandatory. So, I figure there is no better time to build an affiliate and content site around face masks. The site is:

I want to share with you the tactics I am taking to build income through this site. Follow along to see how it goes.

1. Amazon Affiliate Links

One of the first things I did for this site is to build Top 10 Lists for both Adult and Kid face masks. These lists contain the top selling face masks on Amazon for these categories. Check out our post on ‘How to Start an Amazon Affiliate Account’ to learn how you can get started with Amazon Associates. 

I will continue to build out content posts that contain links to masks that can be purchased on Amazon. 

2. Ad Revenue

With this site being brand new, it does not yet qualify for some of the top Ad sites like Google Adsense, Ezoic and Monumetric. 

One of the best ad platforms I have found for new websites is It is super simple to get setup on this platform and start creating ad units to display on your site. You do need a decent amount of traffic to start collecting revenue, but it is a great place to start. 

3. Social Media

Using social media sites like Pinterest and Facebook are excellent tools to help get a content site like this get off the ground. Creating and posting interesting and eye-catching images to Pinterest that are linked to your articles can help build new traffic to your site.

Here are the links to the social pages for this content site:


Building back links for a new content website like this will be my biggest challenge. Without having authority it is tough to get good guest post opportunities, and people finding and sharing your posts won’t happen until Google starts ranking your site.

With this being a borderline medical site, there could be some challenges that arise around restrictions on info I can post. I will be researching the limitations I have here and making sure my Terms of Use and Privacy Statements on this site are sound.

I will continue to update this post and site with updates on the amount of revenue I’ve generated from this project, so stay tuned. 

If you have a similar site you’re building out and want to share your experience, please comment below so we can help each other out and cheer each other on.


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