Passive Income Generated so Far

Well, I started this website back in 2020 with big ambitions. In 2021 I had renewed hope to find some time to start some side income projects, but instead focused mostly on my real business. 

I just wanted to do a quick update of what I have accomplished up until the end of 2021, as I did actually make some side income. 

Hears the deets:

Amazon Affiliate Income was my first online passive income project. I built this site to try and capitalize on the need for face masks as the COVID pandemic ranged on.

I was slightly shocked but pleasantly surprised when this website started ranking on Google for some high traffic keywords and affiliate income started coming in. 

From October to December 2020 I made just over $90 off Amazon affiliate links on this site. After December I didn’t touch it again until last week and made about $30 total over the course of 2021. 

Definitely not a big win here, but proof that with a little effort, there is income to be made.

Total income so far: $120

Amazon Affiliate Website

Ad & Affiliate Income was my Flippa find. Growing up a farmer I’m mildly interested in gardening and thought I’d get my feet wet with buying a starter site off Flippa and seeing if I could make any money off it.

Unfortunately, after publishing the site I purchased, optimizing some text, updating the Click Bank ads to use my affiliate link, I haven’t done anything further with this site. 

My hope was to add 2- 5 posts a month and start generating traffic and make money off of ads and Click Bank affiliate income. I’ll have to evaluate if this is still a viable site for me to spend time on in 2022. 

Total income so far: $0

Ad Income Website

What Now

I am currently in the process of evaluating a few side project websites along with evaluating my current two. In the next week I’ll have my plan and goals mapped out for 2022. Watch for that post coming soon.

All the best to you out there trying a side hustle.


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