Top 3 Web Hosts For Your Next Project

Choosing a web host for your next project is an important step in your success.  The right host will ensure your website loads quickly, is secure, and remains online. Budget is also important especially as you build out your blog and begin monetizing it.

Below I outline the top three web hosts I’d recommend. Each one is recommended for a different reason and situation. Make sure you know your situation before picking one and getting started.


Top 3 Web Hosts

If fit into one of the following categories, you should choose SiteGround as your host:

  • A brand new website or blog
  • Low traffic website 
  • Smaller website without any complex functionality
  • Need an affordable solution

If you’re building your first website, or have a small site without a large amount of traffic yet, this is the best option for you. SiteGround has become one of the most trusted web hosts for WordPress websites. With their introductory rates starting at just $2.99/month, they also present a very affordable solution. 

Top Features

Easy to use and set up

SiteGround has their own custom hosting management tools that simplifies the complex cPanel tools one gets at other discount hosts. When creating a new site, there is an option to auto-install WordPress and the whole process to register a domain, set up hosting and install WordPreess will take less than a few minutes.

Fast Support

This is a big one for me. When I have an issue with a website, I want someone to help me right away. SiteGround has some of the fastest support I’ve come across.

I’ve tried many other hosts and so many of them, (cough) Hostgator, (cough) (cough) Dreamhost, don’t have anything other than basic support over chat and then you need to submit  a support ticket and wait 24-48 hours for a response. If you’re website goes down, you can’t wait that long.

Quality Site Optimizer and Security Tools

Over the past couple years, Siteground has added a Site Optimizer and Security plugin that can be used on their WordPress sites. This has helped their customers improve their page speeds and reduced the amount of hacking that happens. Both important factors when searching for a host.

WP Engine is what you call a Managed WordPress host. Managed services will always cost more money, but there are reasons why you might need a managed host.

If fit into one of the following categories, you should choose WP Engine as your host:

  • High website traffic
  • Looking for the fastest host
  • Cost isn’t a concern
  • Need better security
  • Want dedicated support

WP Engine only does WordPress, so their managed services have the top tools for protecting your site and ensuring it loads fast. 

Top Features

Page Speed

This host has proved it is the Fastest WordPress Host. A faster loading site makes Google and site visitors happy.

Dedicated WordPress Support

With WP Engine only hosting WordPress sites, everyone on their support team is an expert in WP. Their 24/7 support is quick and someone is always available to help over chat. 


A managed host such as this is able to provide you with security tools that would otherwise be a paid upgrade on other hosts. They also have the ability to update your WordPress plugins automatically to ensure you’re not leaving yourself vulnerable to attacks.

Do you use Elementor page builder in your website? If yes, checkout Elementor Cloud.

Here’s why you might choose this host:

  • Use Elementor as a page builder
  • Need an affordable solution

Just like the host above, Elementor specializes in WordPress, but even more niche than that, they specialize in WordPress sites using Elementor. Their environment is set up to optimize specifically for your site, and it will always give you access to Elementor’s latest tools.

Top Features

Lots of Storage Space

Elementor Cloud accounts come with 20GB of storage. Most websites aren’t going to reach this type of size, but if you have a lot of photos or videos you’re storing on your site, this is a good platform for that .

Dedicated Elementor Support

Their support team is specialized in WordPress and Elementor. So if you need help with Elementor, use this host for that reason. 

Excellent Pricing

At only $99/year, this is one of the more affordable hosting options, especially if you’re needing specific support.


All of the web hosting providers listed above will provide you with a great experience. The all have great load times, excellent support and the features you need to achieve success.

As I mentioned above, I’ve tried a ton of different web hosts over the past 15 years of my career, and these are the 3 that are the best and I highly recommend all of these.


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